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What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes promotions are a common form of marketing

Although in daily life we will see many sweepstakes promotions all around us, few know exactly what they are. Sweepstakes promotions are a common form of marketing that offer a chance to win prizes if they buy a product. You like to win money, I like to win money, Everyone likes to win money. It’s quite obvious that people like to win money, but how did marketing channel that into an increase in sales and customer traffic? Well, let’s say that a 5 dollar burger was at a burger joint and wasn’t doing well.

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The business could choose to no longer carry that burger or, they could use the success of the other burgers to fund a sweepstakes promotion on that burger. Now one in every 10 people that get the burger get it free. People would be excited to buy that burger because they may win a free one. After the promotion ended the people who bought that burger enough would want it still if the product was appealing to them still. Sweepstakes can be a great way to promote a product and to create brand recognition in the customers minds, they have become a very effective promotion for any business that needs to compete in a ruthless market.

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