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Professionals when it comes to starting an internet cafe!

Track record of internet cafe business success. The Stuff About Games internet cafe consulting Group has consulted on over 200 different cyber cafe startup projects. We have helped start more Internet cafes, cyber cafes, and computer gaming centers than any other company in America. When you work with the Stuff About Games Group, you're working with the industry leader. We are your cyber cafe and computer game business experts

At your service. The Stuff About Games Group is comprised of a staff of industry professionals with extensive relevant business 
Experience and knowledge of Internet cafe software. Our consultants have impressive backgrounds with top technology companies such as eBay, Intel, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, and Novell. PC gaming professionals on staff bring years of prior employment experience in the gaming industry developing popular computer games, sweepstakes games, managing large-scale LAN gaming center parties and tournaments, hosting press-only PR game launch events, and writing best-selling strategy guides.
What's Your Flavor? Some of our clients want to provide a place for their customers to drink coffee while they surf the Internet and check Email. Others want to offer an extreme head-to-head gaming experience. Lately, computer sweepstakes machines have become hugely popular in some states. Whether it's email and web, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, or slots, keno, and poker... Different Internet cafes and gaming centers offer different experiences for customers. We're experts at ALL of the above. You've come to the right place to start an internet cafe busines!

Why Start a Internet Cafe? We have all the experience in the world to help you start a internet cafe, and there are many reasons to get started! All this experience is what our team brought to our very first computer game business startup. But even with our vast collective experience with technology and business within the multiplayer gaming industry, we still made mistakes at the start. As a matter of fact, it took us at least 8-10 installations before we truly felt that we had worked out all of the kinks of running an Internet cafe franchise or business. We're not afraid to admit that, because it's what uniquely qualifies us for the job. We've been where you are and we've gone where you're about to go with your Internet cafe startup.

Let us show you the way!

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