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Sweepstakes businesses and Internet Cafe's are making a splash in many states, people getting involved in this business are pioneers of a new business strategy that is flourishing. The Internet Cafe business and the sweepstakes software model is a profitable industry but making sure that you are the one making the profit is not dissimilar to being blind in a minefield. When such a new business model is being used there will be plenty of imitators that can’t be trusted with your investment. Sweepstakes businesses provide a fun “interactive” way to reveal sweepstakes entries to a participant. Players enjoy the games which creates a successful promotion for internet time. Having the sweepstakes businesses provide a way to reveal entries immediately after receiving the entries creates quite the user friendly promotion that the customer enjoys before browsing on the internet.

Not unlike the Mcdonalds Monopoly promotion, this business model is becoming quite popular throughout the areas that need internet access. The Internet cafe sweepstakes businesses are providing a great way to promote internet time. The best way to make sure you are seizing the opportunity is to jump in and learn. When you take your car to a mechanic--unless you know a lot about cars you simply hope that the repairs that they're charging you for are legitimate. Getting into this business costs a lot more more than repairing your car, look into a internet cafe business plan for more information. Naturally it’s worth spending a little time and energy to understand what you are paying for.


  1. Know the Termanology: There are a few prominent sweepstakes businesses out there that want to help teach you the ropes about sweepstakes business strategy and details so that you will be successful.
  2. Ask Questions: The more you ask them about sweepstakes the more you will know. It’s also a great way to find out how legitimate the sweepstakes businesses is. The quality of the sweepstakes and the support that you get from the company that makes the sweepstakes games is crucial to your success.  Can you get ahold of anyone at the company offering the internet cafe sweepstakes games?  If the answer is NO, then this should be a dealbreaker.  When you ask them tough questions do they have answers for you or does it seem like they don’t know or are tap dancing?  If the company that is supposed to be supporting you and the games for your Internet cafe doesn’t know answers to your questions, this too should be a dealbreaker.
  3. Try the games: Always try out the sweepstakes games you want to get before you buy them. Some sweepstakes businesses use a web-based sweepstakes platform--offering internet sweepstakes games on their website.  This is extremely convenient.  Many sweepstakes companies use the older “client-server” model, in which case you will have to find their sweepstakes games in an existing internet cafe to try them.

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