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We can show you how to start an Internet sweepstakes Cafe

Let us help. Stuff About Games is the leading computer gaming center startup consulting group in America. We help you plan, build, start, operate, and profit from an Internet cafe business or computer gaming center. The Stuff About Games Group is dedicated to delivering results to our clients by providing compelling insight from over 10 years of industry experience.

Deliver serious fun. We take the Internet cafe business seriously. We understand that your primary goal is to make a profit from your game center, yet we never lose site of what you need to provide to your customers: FUN. We know about gamers and we know how to reach them. We've done everything from large-scale LAN parties with over 400 participants to "press-only" launch events for game publishers. More importantly, we've successfully consulted on over 200 different cyber cafe startup projects.

Ride the wave. This business concept has taken off internationally, but is still relatively new to the US market. In the past few years we've seen phenomenal growth in the industry as multiplayer
games and sweepstakes gaming become more popular and are embraced by mainstream America. Entrepreneurs scramble to be the first to launch this lucrative business in their area. Let us help you beat your competition to the punch, to do it quickly, and to do it right.

Harness the technology. The minute-by-minute changes in the computer industry are exciting; however, these changes bring risk. In fact, the most common mistake our clients make before contacting us is to underestimate the scope of the project--especially the technical element. Let us help you avoid these mistakes, choose the right internet cafe software, and more. Each new business we help open is less expensive, faster, and better than the previous one. It took a lot of time and money to move up the learning curve in this industry. Let us help you to avoid making mistakes and expedite your path to owning a profitable venture. We can help you create an Internet cafe business plan that works.

Learn from experience. How to start an internet cafe? Talk to Stuff about Games, our group is comprised of a full-time staff of industry professionals experienced in technology, business, and competitive multiplayer gaming. Our resumes include such companies as eBay, Intel, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Novell, and But our most impressive experience is creating several dozen successful Internet Cafe startups across the US. We're happy to help get you started.

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